My Attempt at a “Proverbs 31 Woman” Day


So I decided to do an experiment! I promote our Proverbs 31 Scripture Pin, Proverbs 31 Scripture Emblem, Proverbs 31 Scripture Plates, and Proverbs 31 Bookmarks all the time so I figured that I would put it to the test for a day to see if I was living up to the standard of a Proverbs 31 Woman. I really didn’t plan this out; I just woke up and decided to give it a try. So I started by keeping a journal of all of my activities for the day and the times that I started and finished everything. That way I would have an accurate record of my day when I compared it to scripture. Here’s goes nothing! Let’s see how I did…
The Virtuous Wife 
Proverbs 31:10 Who can find a virtuous wife? For her worth is far above rubies. 
Well clearly my husband! Lol 😀 CHECK!!! 
Virtuous defined: conforming to moral and ethical principles, upright, 
Proof: I was driving and some guys pulled up beside me smiling and waving attempting to flirt so I politely smiled while I was pointing to my wedding ring; they apologized and went on… So I’m faithful. Also I signed up for tickets to go see a live taping of “The Talk” in LA during our visit but by the time they called me back I realized that we would be flying out on that same day. So when she asked me would I be able to make it, I said no. Now some people would have said yes just in case, but I told the truth. Actually our flight was booked and we didn’t fly out until the next day, so I could have went… BUT I was trying to be “upright” so CHECK! Smh, oh well
So next I found the value of 2 rubies(didn’t want to press my luck 🙂 just kidding) and asked my husband which he’d rather have me or that price… He picked me so… CHECK, even if he didn’t value me as more than rubies “HE” does. That’s really all that counts!
Proverbs 31:11-12 The heart of her husband safely trusts her; so he will have no lack of gain. She does him good not evil all the days of her life.
Proof: Well I think I do pretty well with this one. This morning when I woke up, I woke my husband up so he could get ready for work. I then cooked him breakfast: bacon, cheese eggs, biscuits, and rice (couldn’t find the grits at first, which lets you know that I don’t do this all the time.. Lol). I picked his clothes out and ironed them ( I do this everyday though, thank God he only works 4 days a week though and every other Friday he does it himself.) Then, I cleaned up the kitchen and helped him finish getting ready for work. We prayed together; then he left for work. After that, I spent time with God in my prayer corner and prayed for him. He gained some good food, crisp clothes, and prayer! Oh and I helped him pack his clothes for our LA trip AND let him put his size 13’s in MY suitcase lol 
Soooooo… CHECK
Proverbs 31:13-15 She seeks wool and flax, and willingly works with her hands. She is like the merchant ships, She brings her food from afar. She also rises while it is yet night, And provides food for her household, And a portion for her maid servants. 
Well first of all.. I did NOT rise while it was still dark; it was like 7 o’clock. So missed out on that one! Lol And I definitely didn’t bring food from afar. It was already in the fridge and I don’t have maidservants to feed, so didn’t do that. But, food was provided to my household; my husband and I ate breakfast, as well as our 2 dogs.
Proof of what I did accomplish: I will equate wool and flax to cello bags and glue dots, the materials I need to package our Scripture Emblems, Pins, and License Plates. I did package some items today and I filled some orders so I worked with my hands, and I was willing. Also merchant ships transport cargo, so I believe it counts that I took the packages of the orders I filled to the post office.  Sooo…. CHECK
Proverbs 31: 16, 18-19 She considers a field and buys it; from her profits she plants a vineyard. She perceives that her merchandise is good, and her lamp does not go out by night. She stretches out her hands to the distaff, And her hand holds the spindle.
Proof: Well I didn’t buy a field today 🙂 BUT I did have a great idea recently to start doing Scripture License Plate Frames and some colorful license plates. I used our profits from the Christian Emblems and Christian Pins to buy some and try them out at a show we just did. We got a great response too, and I think they are CUTE!! (One girl bought a Pink Proverbs 31 Scripture License plate.) oh, and I did NOT even go to sleep that night, so my lamp definitely didn’t go out by night. I stayed up working on several things and packing for our 7am flight. Well a distaff and a spindle are tools used to make clothes, sooooo I can’t sew so I didn’t do that one BUT I did invent Scripture Pins that we can wear so maybe that counts… Anyway…… CHECK 🙂
Proverbs 31: 17 She girds herself with strength, And strengthens her arms.
Proof: I get strength through prayer, mediating, and reading the Word of God. This was done during my quiet time in my prayer corner as well. So … Check!!!
Proverbs 31:20 She extends her hand to the poor, Yes, she reaches out to the needy.
Proof: I am partnered with @TheLuxeMode, April 4th for her “Heels to Heel” brunch/1 year anniversary of her Shoe Boutique, in which I gave away a FREE Luke 6:38 Scripture Pin to everyone that donated a pair of shoes that we will be giving away to a local women’s shelter. I also donated a whole box of shoes. Sooo… CHECK
Proverbs 31: 21-22, 24 She is not afraid of snow for her household, For all her household is clothed with scarlet. She makes tapestry for herself; Her clothing is fine linen and purple. She makes linen garments and sells them, And supplies sashes for the merchants. 
Well I’m not afraid of the snow because it’s springtime now… Just kidding, with this end times weather mixed with Alabama weather, you never know! Well we’ve established the fact that I can’t sew, sooo moving right along. We have efficient clothing though and some of it is purple:) My mom can sew though, but she didn’t teach me. I’m going to have to call her and let her know that her negligence is messing up my Proverbs 31 Score! Lol I guess I can equate the selling of our Scripture Pins to wholesalers to supplying sashes for the merchants since you can wear them. Anyway…. CHECK 🙂
Proverbs 31: 23 Her husband is known in the gates, When he sits among the elders of the land. 
Proof: The elders that’s mentioned here were the leaders responsible for legal rulings. In my husbands line of work, he deals with a lot of judges and lawyer; they like and respect him soooooo… CHECK!
Proverbs 31: 25-27 Strength and honor are her clothing; She shall rejoice in time to come. She opens her mouth with wisdom, And on her tongue is the law of kindness. She watches over the ways of her household, and does not eat the bread of idleness.
Proof: I think I’m very strong in the Lord and in life. I’m loved by God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit so that’s an honor in itself. I “receive” rejoicing in time to come, even though I’m rejoicing and happy now too! I do open my mouth and give wisdom. Most times I don’t even realize that’s what I’m doing until someone says, “that just blessed me” and I’m usually thinking “I’m just telling you what happened…” I try to be kind in what I say, speak the truth in love as the bible says. I’m a LOT better than my unsaved days, that’s for sure! I take care of my house, my husband, and my dogs so I guess I meet that attribute. I, without a shadow of a doubt, do NOT eat the bread of idleness. I’m always busy and get a LOT done during the day. Actually after looking at my activities today, I was like whew that was a lot. I guess it’s different when you actually see in black and white what all you’ve done. Also I think I’m better known for my character than my fashion sense as these verses are relaying. So……. CHECK!!!!
Proverbs 31:28 Her children rise up and her blessed; 
I haven’t birthed any children yet, but this is something I confess in preparation for the future… CHECK
Continued… Her husband also, and he praises her: “Many daughters have done well, But you excel them all.”
Proof: My husband is very appreciative of me and tells me all the time. I think when a man marries you that’s him saying to you that “you excel them all” but just in case that doesn’t count, I just had him to read it out loud! Lol don’t want to lose points in being ethical 🙂 Soooooo… CHECK!!
Proverbs 31: 30-31 Charm is deceitful and beauty is passing, But a woman who fears the LORD, she shall be praised. Give her of the fruit of her hands, and let her own works praise her in the gates.
I think the last two verses sum up what I learned the most about this whole experiment! Most women are well known for how they look and dress. Most Christian “Proverbs 31 Women” feel that they have to live up to a certain standard of accomplishments to be deserving of the title, but all in all a REAL proverbs 31 woman is a women that fears the Lord with all of her heart and because of this and this alone, she should be well known in the world and praised by all that come in contact with her. Don’t get me wrong, I think this is a great blue print of what we as women should all strive to be and seems to give advice that as Christian women we should use our gifts and talents given be God to succeed financially by using the works of our hands. It promotes owning businesses and providing for your family’s needs from your own hands and from the profit of good investments. All in all, I feel very confident in being deserving of calling myself a Proverbs 31 Woman!
Now that my experiment is over, I have a much greater, deeper respect for our Proverbs 31 product line, which includes our Proverbs 31 Scripture Pin, Proverbs 31 Scripture Emblem, Proverbs 31 Scripture License Plates, and Proverbs 31 Bookmarks, which are all available at
Feel free in representing your fear and respect for Our Heavenly Father. 

Being Thankful

Being thankful is something that I wanted to write about today since Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Sometimes we take for granted how important being thankful really is. We should not only be thankful for the big things in our life but the little things as well. Through the years, I’ve learned to be thankful for strange things, which to the average person might sound silly. For example, recently my purse was stolen, actually purses were stolen. Well I’m thankful! Not of course that my purses were stolen, but I’m thankful because that was the only thing that came of it. I lost some material possessions, but that’s it! I’m thankful that I wasn’t hurt and that I didn’t come in contact with the person or people who took it. Therefore it wasn’t a robbery situation. I’m very grateful for that. (Through this I’ve also learned to be more careful and alert.) The enemy comes to steal, kill, and to destroy. So who knows what Satan planned to have done to me, but I can truly say that I believe God protected me from the worse that could have happened. So once again, I’m very thankful for that!

Another thing that I’d like to talk about when it comes to being thankful is being thankful for what we have now. In today’s society, we are always trying to improve and go to the next level, while there is certainly nothing wrong with that, let’s not forget God now is this season and appreciate Him for what He’s already done. For example, our product line of Christian Emblems and Christian License Plates have made its way on the shelf of retail businesses/shops in about 9 states/countries. Would we like for that number to be increased exponentially? Of course! But am I proud and thankful for those opportunities? As one of my patient’s would say, “You better know it!” I’ve learned to be thankful in the season that I’m in and govern it accordingly. That’s the only way God will be able to bless us with more; He has to know that He can trust us with less. If you are thankful for the things He’s given you now and praise Him for it and take great care of it, I can imagine Him saying, “Wow! Look at my child, diligent and grateful with just the smallest of what I have for them, oh how I can’t wait to see how they will be pleased with this mighty thing I have for them.” Just imagine a teenager. You give her a purse, a twenty dollar purse, just as a trial basis to see how she would take care of it before buying her a much more expensive, name brand purse. If she laid the purse around everywhere, kept it dirty, and always lost it, how likely would you be to buy her a hundred and fifty dollar purse. Chances are you wouldn’t because you would see it as a waste of money or a bad investment. That’s just how God looks at us and how we treat the blessings He’s already given us. So let’s be thankful and grateful for where we are and for what we have right now! Here are some of my favorite “thankful” bible verses that are great mediation tools and great ways to show God just how thankful we are…

Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. (1 Thessalonians 5:18)

Giving thanks always and for everything to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ (Ephesians 5:20)

And now we thank you, our God, and praise your glorious name. (1 Chronicles 29:13)

And let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, to which indeed you were called in one body. And be thankful. (Colossians 3:15)

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. (Philippians 4:6)


How to Knock on God’s Heavenly Door

Not trusting your circumstances but relying on faith is the key to opening the blessed doors of God, for the full intent of His promises. In Mathew 7:7 it states “ask and it will be given to you, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened to you.” We have to learn to take our problems to God and to not rely on ourselves to fix any problems or circumstances that we may face. That’s where prayer comes in. 

Prayer is so important because it opens and strengthens the bond that we have with our savior; it lets him know that we dedicate ourselves to Him because we trust Him and for that God is truly happy. Next is reading the bible. 

Reading the word is also an important tool that we have to not only build our faith but to build up the Holy Spirit within us. As our pastor always, when pressure is applied whatever is in you will come out. For example, if you have a balloon filled with juice when pressure is applied, juice is going to come out. The same principal applies to our inner spirit. If we have the Word of God in us, when we face challenges the Word of God is going to come out. The Word is what we have to stand on when satan attacks us and there is no better way to receive the word than to study, comprehend, meditate, and confess the words in the Bible. 

Last, but not least when we have our Word deeply rooted in us and we are standing on it through confessions, doubt is being eliminated, faith is on the scene and the door (that He speaks about in Matthew 7:7) is being knocked on and based on God’s promises, if we knock the doors shall be opened!! 
These are a great tools to start building an everlasting relationship with our God because Satan is always in action to kill, steal, and destroy and if he’s putting in so much effort to doom us, then shouldn’t we put in equal effort to show God that we love him? Think about it…

Need an easy way to tackle confessions? Check out great simple ways through Scripture Pins or Scripture Emblems/License Plates at

A by G Designs helps sponsor life changing event!

Anointed by Grace Designs was one of the proud sponsors of the 1st Annual Blessed Is She Women’s Conference held August 2, 2014 at the Greater Faith Christian Church in Bessemer, AL! We provided registration bags, pens, and also several Scripture Emblems(Christian Emblems | as door prizes. This was a wonderful opportunity to give back and to be a blessing to others!

What is BLESSED IS SHE? So glad you asked! Blessed Is She is a community of Christian women seeking the face of the Father! Created by women for women to encourage, support, grow, and pray.

Join us this Tuesday for an awesome time of prayer! 5:15 am CST/ 6:15 am /EST. Message a prayer request or a question! We’ll talk to you on the conference call on Tuesday. Be Blessed Too! (712) 432-1500 Access code: 759828

This year’s conference theme was FREE TO BE ME. We had a great time celebrating the Lord and each other through prayer, praise and worship. We learned how to be confident in ourselves, our abilities, and our purpose. The conference began with a typical Tuesday morning prayer call for the first session, that turned out to be not so typical! But when the Holy Spirit takes over, you just have to follow. Many people were delivered from ailments, hurts, and pains both physically and emotionally. At this point, it was only about 11 o’clock! We shared testimonies and praise reports that really served to help other women build their faith in God’s promises. We then had a great catered lunch. After that, we had breakout sessions in small groups that really allowed us to dig deep into what confidence really is and how to exude it. Next, we received an awesome lesson on how to “soak” with the Lord from Mary Beacham, and we were even able to try it out! It was AWESOME! After a dinner break, our ears were mesmerized by the beautiful sounds of Netra Young. Then we were graced with the presence of Malinda White, a dynamic speaker, who really showed us all how to “BE FREE INDEED.” This session was open to men as well and they really took advantage of the opportunity to be blessed. After another electrifying, spirit-filled prayer session, where God really showed up and out, we were able to fellowship with each other which was a great ending to a miraculous day. This conference was definitely one that no one could afford to miss and changed the lives of all that attended!!!

Stay tuned for more information regarding next year’s conference! Until then, join us on the prayer line, Tuesday’s 5:15 am CST/ 6:15 am /EST. (712) 432-1500 Access code: 759828  

Now Introducing  the beautiful, remarkable Blessed Is She Ladies that made this amazing conference possible through the grace of GOD (left to right) … Glinda Mauldin, (Owner of A by G Designs) Warnicia Johnson, Rachel Fornest, Jeanine Williams, Janell Grimes (founder of BIS), Tanecia Mitchell, Soheila McKay, and Shayla Hughes(founder of BIS.)

 BIS PIC | Luke 1:45







Don’t hold back!

I have neglected to write as much as I really want to because I’ve struggled with deciding what makes a good blog, what angle should I approach, and if it should be strictly business or personal or both. That type of confusion will just kept me in the the same spot… No blogs! 🙂 So today I’ve decided to act on the fact that I have the mind of Christ and what ever I write trust that it’s exactly what it’s supposed to be. I have invited the Holy Spirit to use me to say what He wants.

Therefore here goes….

I’d like to address FEAR. This ugly, four letter, f word is the quickest way to defeat yourself and lead you to cutting yourself short when it comes to living life to your fullest potential and tackling things that may not the be the easiest. Fear is satan’s way to hold us back from being all that we can be and doing all that we can do. Think back to how many times you’ve really wanted to do something great but fear held you back. Fear didn’t come from God. He is against fear! “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you with my righteous right hand.” Isaiah 41:10 NIV So the next time you really want to do a good and positive thing of course :), and fear is creeping in ask yourself where is this coming from… “For God has not given us the spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.” 2 Timothy 1:7 NLT Then repeat these two verses and mediate on it. Speak it until you really feel it. Our words are so powerful that all we have to do is speak it and it shall come to past. So let’s practice “I am NOT afraid, because God is with me!” Great job!!! Do this as much as you need to even when you don’t need it; because if you’ve already put your angels to work in this area, when fear does try to show it’s ugly head, they are already ready to help you fight! For ways to display the positive words you speak over your life, check out this page:

The Main Thing (10/28/13)

Such a great explanation of God’s perfect love for us!!


Read: Jeremiah 51:54-52:34, Titus 3:1-15, Psalm 100:1-5, Proverbs 26:18-19

When God our Savior revealed his kindness and love, he saved us, not because of the righteous things we had done, but because of his mercy. He washed away our sins, giving us a new birth and new life through the Holy Spirit. He generously poured out the Spirit upon us through Jesus Christ our Savior. Because of his grace he declared us righteous and gave us confidence that we will inherit eternal life. (Titus 3:4-7)

The Main Thing

Relate: My dad used to have a quote he like to pull out all the time: “The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.” Chew on that for a bit. The most important thing we can do is make sure that the things that are most important remain at the forefront of our lives. That’s my explanation… but he said it better.

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